American General Corporation provides consultancy services in these six main areas;

  • Real Estate Development Finance
  • Construction Project Management
  • Community Master-Plan Design
  • EB-5 Funded Project Management
  • Cost and Value Estimate Report
  • Insurance Appraisal Report


What is an Insurance Appraisal?

An insurance appraisal is a replacement cost analysis which supplies an accurate estimate of the amount of insurance funds (less policy deductions) required to replace each structure exactly as it stood on the day the policy was prepared. These values are supplied to assist our clients, such as insurance com;anies, in determining the amount of loss for each structure for which the property is insured or bank collateral. American General Corporation’s Appraisal Division calculates each building’s reproduction cost on a component-by-component basis from the ground up. Our software and extensive construction cost data processes the complex calculations needed to correctly estimate the cost for each building.

AGC Appraisal Division

Our Appraisal Division has been successfully providing professional estimations and cost analysis reports for decades, servicing insurance and banking organizations. With over 35 years of construction experience and over 25 years of litigation support experience, our seasoned team is here to help with your case.

Our approach to aiding our clients is to understand and address the needs of each case separately. This approach has ensured they receive consistent and quality service that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Unlike most insurance appraisal companies that perform their services in a localized market, with a professional network of trusted solution partners across the country, AGC Appraisal Division is able to perform professional services nationwide .

A Team of Seasoned Experts

AGC Appraisal Division has professional staff based strategically throughout the United States all directly managed from our corporate office in California. Our personnel have extensive experience and corporate in-house training in providing our services for every type of commercial property. Our appraisal division consists only of tenured people with no less than 10 years’ experience in the construction and personal property/equipment appraisal business. As professional members of both The American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) & Association of Construction Inspectors (ACI) AGC’s appraisal staff have proven their expertise through both formal education in architectural, engineering, construction management programs and substantial field experience.

The AmGen team is exceptionally well suited to complement its insurance appraisal cases with litigation support and other construction related consulting services. As consultants we benefit from the multidisciplinary skillset of our company that we utilize in our construction and development projects on a daily basis. As a long standing and actively working real estate organization with a combined compilation, we utilize our experience, systems and current project knowledge to work more efficiently and provide outstanding results for our clients.


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