Attention Subcontractors: Upon receiving an invitation to bid for any of the projects listed below, you may click the project link, enter the password provided in the invitation, and access the project documents.

Current Projects:

1- 448 W 5th St. Pedro – Multi-Family / Mixed-Use

San Pedro, CA

100-Unit Residential over 1-Level Commercial. New construction.

2- 7617 Santa Monica – Multi-Family / Mixed-Use

West Hollywood, CA

71-Unit Residential over 1-Level Commercial. New construction.

3- 601-615 E. Cedar – Multi-Family / Mixed-Use

Burbank, CA

46-Unit Apartment Building over podium deck. New construction.

4- “Puainako Heights” Subdivision Master Plan

Hilo, HI

Horizontal Development of Master-Planned Community. Site-work only.

5- Escondido Assisted Living Facility Project

Escondido, CA

Assisted living facility with underground utilities. New construction.

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