Welcome to American General Corporation, where you will find local solutions to your global business. As the banner carrier of a long tradition of entrepreneurial discipline, the AmGenCorp is here to help you maintain the continuous growth of your business, and provide you with the local know-how that you need in the United States to propel your overseas enterprises towards and beyond the New World.


Today, the global village that we live in enables us to cross the boundaries and plant our ideas where they would grow the fastest. Nevertheless, all financial and intellectual investments have to be managed by a team of professionals who are familiar, not only to the nature of the product, but also to the very soil in which it will grow into a sustainable means of fruitful production.

With our decades of experience in project management, construction finance and land-based investments consultancy, today, we continue to have the honor of being chosen as the local solution-partner of many multi-national development and property investment projects. It is our privilege to build bridges between Pacific-rim countries and become a part of countless exciting journeys that aim to reach international success.

You have the ship, we have maps. Let us navigate together to discover a land of prosperity and growth for your investment.