We are builders.

Over 6,000 multi-family units, over 750 single-family homes, over 10 multiplex theaters, 12 hotels, 4 assisted-living facilities, 3 master-planned community plans, and over 150,000 sq. ft. of designed & built medical space.


Welcome to American General Corporation, a family-owned general contracting company  that has been operating in Southern California (#920827) and Hawaii (CT-36493) for over 35 years.

At AmGenCorp, we believe that the interdisciplinary endeavor of building is more than just a construction project – it’s the creation of living spaces that are going to witness memories being made for generations.

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The executive team of AGC consists of seasoned experts from various fields who bring over a half-a-century of collective experience in real estate development, civil engineering, urban planning, project management and construction finance. In addition to the specialized knowledge brought by the management and board of advisors, AGC also relies on its vast network of regional as well as international experts ranging from leading attorneys and financial consultants to architects and designers.

AGC Appraisal Division

An insurance appraisal is a replacement cost analysis which supplies an accurate estimate of the amount of insurance funds (less policy deductions) required to replace each structure exactly as it stood on the day the policy was prepared. These values are supplied to assist our clients in determining the amount of loss for each structure for which the property is insured or bank collateral. American General Corporation’s Appraisal Division calculates each building’s reproduction cost on a component-by-component basis from the ground up. Our software and extensive construction cost data processes the complex calculations needed to correctly estimate the cost for each building.

Our Appraisal Division has been successfully providing professional estimations and cost analysis reports for decades, servicing insurance and banking organizations. With over 35 years of construction experience and over 25 years of litigation support experience, our seasoned team is here to help with your case. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Current Projects: 

Puainako Heights Master-Planned Community

Puainako Heights is a residential subdivision located on a total of 160 acres of land in Hilo, HI. The project will be developed in seven phases and include 337 residential lots. 318 of these are single family home lots while the remaining 19 lots constitute the town-home condominium site positioned within Phase 4. As one of the primary solution partners of the subdivision program, AGC handles the project management for the horizontal and vertical development stages of Phases 1 and 2, featuring a total of 98 single family homes.

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